pull my fucking hair (electrifyx_me_x) wrote,
pull my fucking hair

yo. yesterday, was fucking amazing.
defeat the purpose kicked ass.

yeah, so me and kev arrived to the show and felt a bit out of place.. haha,
then they let us in and dtp was already playing, but they were playing great.
there was also this creepy guy sitting backwards in a chair staring at me. i thought that
was pretty weird.
then after dtp finishing with no cash- gasoline, was expression depression.
their name suits them well, for i was feeling a bit depressed while listening to them.
finally, they fucking finished. and what a miracle it was. then was the chlostrophobics.
they did well too, i liked them. then lost city angels, they were cool. i would go into detail, but i
didn't pay that close attention.. i was getting water all over me and gum on me....and making out
with my boyfriend, (haha)

then was the fucking unseen. they were great. jed and brad, you shouldv'e stayed
for the whole set.. i know it's not your music really, but it was fuckin great.

. not much to say other than it was amazing. to all of you who didn't go, you missed a great show.

yeah but, now.. i have big wads of gum on my shoe. on the side of my shoe, and the shoelaces,
thanks, alot.

great show. nice fucking job matt jed and brad. you make me proud. :).

and yes, i do have
for the record, i'm aware these are shitty pictures but the flash wasn't working that good, and without it,
everything looked red.
 jedediah handelman rockin' the guitar.

jed... still rockin the guitar.
 matt... "wait, he's on fire" hahaha.

 the unseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen.

 mark unseen has a beer belly. beeerrr beeelllyyy.

 armpit hair... TRULY attractive.
and who says no one ever takes pictures of the drummer?

haha, biatch.
now i know why you don't like pictures haha.

well that's it. the show was amazing, the bands, (-expression depression) were amazing. it was amazing.


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