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ok so.. yesterday was fun.
saw dodgeball, again.. then a.p. at my house
with ty, joe b, sarah, inspecta gadge, bowie,
erik and buddy.
went to the beach, and i got sand on joe, then
he got sand in my eyes. it's still there.
haha, it was a good night.
dodgeball is the best movie ever.

today was graduation, it was terrible.
the only good things were lizz getting her 2
awards. ::applause:: and, well. nevermind,
that's the only good thing.
and puma screaming.

yo, i wanna take sometime to recognize a few people.
it's my grade only, so don't get offended if you not
on here.

joey g, brad and dan. yo, you guys are the shit. thanks
for always letting me sit at your table when problems
with the girls were going on and i couldn't sit there.
and thanks for making me realize the reality with my friends
and stuff. you guys are the best, and i'm going to miss lunch with you.

eric and ryan, you two are my best friends.keep it real, you guys
are the absolute best. where would i be without you.

mia, yo girl. we're not the best of friends, but that's ok. i'm
really glad we got this close this year.. you're an amazing girl with
the coolest hair in all the land. h.r. tests just wouldn't be the same
without you.

lauren m- another girl i'm glad i got close too. you're so amazing.
i can always turn to you when i have a problem.. and you're always there for
me. i love you to death.

sanah, keep it gungsta. you're the best friend anyone can ask for.
i don't know what i would do without you.

puma, girllll. i just love you to pieces. you've become one of my
best friends in all the land, and i love everything about you. you're
so much like me in so many ways, and i think that's why we get along
so great. i have the best times when i'm with you. i love you.

buddy, olly, brenden, eddie, i love you. end of story. amazing time
with you guys, absolutly amazing times.

joe grasso, don't know what i'd do without you. i wouldn't have anyone
to talk music with haha. i love you to death. glad we got that connection
back we lost for a little bit.

tyler, yo.. in reality you're one of my best friends. we'll always keep it
chill. good times with you my cripple.

joe morrow, no one is cooler than you. number 126. graduation wouldn't be the
same without you and your dreams to be a super hero.

erik wit a k, glad we got real tight this year. you're a good kid when you're not getting on my nerves haha.

and of corse, the girls i couldn't live without.
barbara, gineann, lauren, laura, sarah, melissa, brittany, alexa, and lizz.
no contest, girls.. you are the best. my life would be bonafied shit without you.
keep it real. i'll never forget you guys.

to all of you i forgot, thanks for the great year/years. i love you all. so much.
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