asleep in a cold white bathtub

pull my fucking hair
1 January
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His head was a faucet leaking love, laughter and lies:
all his secret wishes, all his world famous sighs.
But before you give in,
just remember we're coming back for your children.

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tori. 5'2. red hair. purple hair. brown hair. boyfriend. likes music. leapord print. bright green. allergic to shellfish. pink. skulls. combat baby. remembers everything. add. plays in the rain. takes pictures. b&w. judgemental but not elitist. open minded. outgoing. pretentious. aggressive. emotional. very emotional. thinks the bass is sexy. swimming. permanent marker whore. art.
Strengths: outgoing. fast metabolism. easily pleased. singing. opinionated. fearless.
Weaknesses: mohawks. deep emotions. changes too often. changes for the wrong reasons. changes for the wrong people. weak hair. annoying people.
Special Skills: being a whore
Weapons: guns. knives. wit. 89. baseball bat. guitar pics.
music: cursive. death cab. atreyu. blood brothers.everytime i die. saosin. norma jean. as i lay dying. leftover crack. the yeah yeah yeah's.bouncing souls. us bombs. operation ivy. franz ferdinand. snow patrol. circle takes the square. minus the bear. coheed and cambria. metric. no doubt. operation ivy. the shins. the unseen. the casualties. morning glory. all-time quarter back. franz ferdinan. hot hot heat. indk. saetia. clearing autumn skies. walls of jericho. over my dead body. a life once lost. the distillers. defeat the purpose. for another day. angus lung. lake avenue. clock skanks four. choking victim. from autumn to ashes.

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a global threat, a life once lost, against me!, agnostic front, alexisonfire, alf, american distress, angus lung, anti-flag, art, as i lay dying, assing around, atheist anthem, atreyu, beauty, being in love, being on stage, billy idol, billy joel, black eyeliner, black mascara, blood brothers, bouncing souls, breakfast at tiffanys, bright eyes, choking victim, clearing autumn skies, clock skanks four, coheed and cambria, converse, counter strike, cursive, daria, death cab for cutie, defeat the purpose, degrassi, devotchkas, dick loars, donnie darko, dropkick murphys, egypt, eric clapton, every time i die, feathers, fire, fist fights, for another day, guns, guns and roses, hardcore, hot hot heat, indie, indk, integrity, kill bill, kisses, kodak, lake avenue, le tigre, leftover crack, livejournal, long walks, love, lower class brats, macaroni and cheese, making out, metric, modest mouse, morning glory, murders, murphys law, music, my boyfriend, my sexy man, my so-called life, no doubt, no i.q., nora, office space, oi!, oil pastels, operation ivy, over my dead body, paint it black, painting, pay it foward, penis, pez, pink, politics, punk, radio free roscoe, rain, rancid, red lipstick, requiem for a dream, salute your shorts, salvador dali, saosin, say anything, sculptures, send for application, sex, shows, sick, sick of it all, singing, ska, skysonfire, slc punk, smashing pumpkins, soasin, sparkles, spiderman, spikes, spray paint, street punk, taking pictures, teal eyeshadow, tear the sky, the brady bunch, the casualties, the clash, the cure, the da vinci code, the distillers, the empress, the gremlins, the n, the postal service, the ramones, the schematics, the sex pistols, the shins, the specials, the toasters, the unseen, the virus, the von bondies, thursday, tight pants, troublebound, us bombs, vodka, walls of jericho, washington, yeah yeah yeahs, yellow rainboots,